Janet Sirmans is a woman with many gifts and talents.  For years, she hid these talents and gifts, thinking that no one would value or appreciate them. It wasn’t until Janet took control of her life and began to value and appreciate her own gifts and talents that her life began to change.

After several attempts to launch businesses that didn’t resonate deeply with her, Janet had a defining moment.  Her defining moment was when she was willing to say “No” to the opinions and ideas of others and instead, listen to her deepest truth in  discovering her voice and  her true love.  Janet loves reading and has a gift for making the written word come a live. It’s this love and talent that led Janet to launch J. Sirmans Consulting, a proof reading and editing company for writers.

Today, Janet Sirmans is the CEO/President of J. Sirmans Consulting, where she “Makes Writing Right”,  for authors, bloggers, professors and individuals in need of a second pair of eyes to create a quality product.

Janet holds a BS in Psychology from The University of Phoenix . She is a Certified Etiquette Consultant, and a member of Celebrate World Peace. Janet Sirmans is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, Loving Again…A Woman’s Journey After Dysfunctional Marriages.