The Book

Loving Again: A Woman’s Journey After Dysfunctional Marriages, narrates chilling and sensitive accounts of Janet’s multiple marriages and divorces. Janet tried desperately to find love, but from all the wrong places, and from all wrong people. She was a child bride, and was too blind, naive, and immature to realize what true love really entailed. Janet spent most of her juvenile years in and out of dysfunctional marriages. She was relentless in finding a suitable man, as she had always desired a soul mate to spend the rest of her life with. Janet had become obsessed with the concept of being in love, and having that same feeling from a husband reciprocated to her.

Janet gave so much, yet gained so little from previous marriages. She dropped out of high school to be with someone who she thought would be her appropriate match. As time progressed throughout her first marriage, she became extremely unhappy and had become an emotional wreck. Janet had become torn and hurt to have realized that her husbands had not loved her enough to demonstrate the qualities of being a good husband. Janet’s life had therefore become a big ball of confusion.

Janet continuously formed a pattern of allowing herself to attract men with mostly the same not so appealing qualities. She had become stuck in her own soul, not knowing where to turn, or what to do. Janet experienced trial and error throughout her marriages. She tried ways of pleasing her various marriage partners, but each were unsuccessful. It was not until she submitted her life to God that she finally realized true love starts with learning how to love yourself first.

While reading Janet’s book, ‘Loving Again: A Woman’s Journey After Dysfunctional Marriages’, readers will be emotionally moved. Readers will also be inspired by Janet’s journey from pain and disappointment, to peace and stability.  Click here to get your copy of Janet’s book today.